One Dimensional Stock Cutter

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and lastly click Calculate.

Dimensions can be entered in the following format 100, 10' 10", 10 feet 20 inches, 10 feet 2 1/2 inches.

Tip: Bookmark the page after clicking the Calculate button in order to save your results.

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What does it do?

Tells you where to cut your one dimensional material (copper pipe, wood trim, etc.) in order to minimize the amount of material required. For example, if you want to add wood trim to your family dining room, given the lengths of the trim, and the material the trim will be cut from, this will tell you

  1. Where to make the cuts
  2. How much material to buy
  3. What will be left over
Click here for an example that shows being able to choose from multiple materials, each with a separate cost, along with the ability to enter in the cuts required.